Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thanksgiving Flag on a Dime

I realized today that I don't have an outdoor flag to celebrate Thanksgiving. My Halloween flag is still flying in my back porch so I decided to sift through my fabric stash to see what I could make.

Now since it doesn't rain a whole lot here, I felt ok, using fabric instead of nylon for the flag. Plus, I think it gives it a more home-y look :)

I came up with this from my stash...

*2 pieces of light colored burlap
2 circles of a darker burlap fabric
5 sheets of felt
mustard colored muslin
2 buttons
embroidery floss in red, yellow, and black

Step 1:  I attached the mustard fabric to the burlap with a quick zig zag stitch.  I cut out five feathers from the felt fabric and "made" my turkey out of the burlap and felt.

Step 2:  Sew!  A few pins attached it to the burlap panel.  I then used a zig-zag stitch and attached the whole turkey to the panel.

Step 3:  Stamp!  I dug out my foam letter stamps and some Apple paint and stamped
the word "Thankful" on the yellow muslin

Step 4:  Quick embroidery stitch the nose and gobbler on.  Sew buttons on for eyes using black embroidery floss.

My finished turkey...cute!

Step 5:  Sew up the panel edges and leave a slot for the flagpole to slide though the top.  (Like a curtain panel)

All finished!

Since I had all these items on hand the cost to make this flag was about two hours of time and no money spent today!  Frugal and cute!

Now, in the beginning of this post, I said I was ok about the flag being fabric because it doesn't rain much here.  Well guess what?  It's raining.  Lol.  So my flag will have to stay indoors until the sun appears again!

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