Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 2: Dollar Store Turkey

My kids love making turkeys to set around our house for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday...they also love to run around the house making gobbling noises!

Yesterday we whipped up these cute little turkeys from items I had around the house. Easy for a kid craft...with maybe a little help from an older turkey!

Supplies: All from the Dollar General!

One small foam gourd
Gesso or creme acrylic paint
Brown ink pad and a papertowel
Artificial leaves (mine came like 10 in a bag!)
2 clothespins (or you can substitute pipe cleaners for the feet)
googly eyes (i love saying that!)
orange cardstock for the beak
red felt (for the gobbler)

Step 1: Paint your gourd!

I painted mine with acrylic Gesso and left some of the underlying green show through. Then I used my handy dandy Staz-On ink pad in timber brown to "distress" my turkey's body.   I did this very easily with a paper towel, rubbing the ink all over the gourd body......

Step 2:  Glue on your feet.

Self explanatory...lay  your clothespin down and put a big blob of glue on top.  Stick your gourd on top!

Step 3:  Glue your feathers on.

Layer three or four of your feathers and glue then to the back of your gourd.

I cut off the wire ends of my leaves after I attached them together so they didn't stick out.

Step 4:  Attach your eyes, your beak and your wiggly gobbler!

And here's your turkey.....

Isn't he cute??

Share your dollar store turkey creations with us!  I love to see
your projects...don't forget to share the love with everyone!

Happy Day!

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