Friday, November 18, 2011

Exploring nature

I reserve Friday mornings for some serenity, peace, and a time for me and my children to go outdoors and enjoy nature.  The smell of the crisp air, the crunch of the leaves under our feet.  Typically, I'm reminding one to stay away from the edge of the pond and yelling at the other one to get "out of the woods"...but for me it's about joining them and exploring.  Feeling closer to , well, something bigger than what is before us.

the little frogs are soon as you near the edge of the pond they all jump in!

ms. madi left her boots behind....

a favorite spot for the fish to hide...under the boughs of this evergreen

tall, majestic.  i'll be borrowing from them to decorate for the holidays....

mr. sam sneaking off to our favorite sitting spot...

exploring with the dog

my favorite view...

i could sit here all day...sigh

ms madi is making a new fashion trend out of hats from recycled plant containers!

weird tree growth...

monkey (the cat) in the tree (compliments of the dog)

we brought a little bit of nature inside
(see that little hand stealing some of it????)

happy exploring to you friends!


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