Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sneaking up

The holiday season has snuck up on me.  Once again.  Ummm.  How did it get to be November?  What happened to all my plans of shopping early?  Ha!  Out the window with that!  Let's re group shall we?  What really matters?  Here's my list of what matters to me...

1.  God
2.  Love
3.  Health
4.  Home
5.  Family

We are so blessed in so many ways and we dont' even know it.  If you find yourself saying...oh I wish I had that!  Oh I wish I had this!  Stop and think about it.  What do you really need?  You need God in your life foremost because He is the reason for all this.  You need love, for without love we would be lost.  We need health because well, otherwise, we'd be dead (lol, kind of grim eh?).  We need home because we feel safe there.  We need our family to encircle us.  That's really all we need.  Your home is beautiful now matter what it looks like because it's yours.  It doesn't have to look like a magazine ad.  It needs to look like YOU decorated it from the heart.  And your gifts, too, should be from the heart, not just picked off a shelf so you can give something.  Stop and think about the recipient...what would they love.  It might just be a skein of yarn, or an apple tree, or a batch of cookies.  Let's stop giving, just to give.  Give from your heart.  Give your time, your talent.  Show your thoughtfulness.  After all, that's what the holiday season is about. 

Happy day to you!

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