Thursday, November 17, 2011

simple purse

This weeks blog posts on Mayamade and Soulemama  got me in the basket frame of mind...mine turned out to be more of a little purse, but they inspired me just the same...have a look!

The outside is burlap and inside is my very favorite last pieces of red toile pretty!

I added a velcro closure to keep it secure and just sewed old white buttons on the front and back.

Funny little zig zag stitches make it look especially vintage...the handle is some pink bias tape...I left all the edges rough cause I like the look!

Hope you enjoy and are inspired to make one yourself!

happy day

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  1. I'm inlove with this! If I could only sew...I think I would fill my entire house with burlap!!!

    Have a great day!



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