Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Snowman Ka-bobs!

Late this evening...(well, really most of the day) I worked and worked on my Christmas TO DO list.  My list isn't about gifts, it's about things I have to make.  Little things..like cupcakes, and peeps pops and simple bags.  Homemade things because that's what it's all about.  Gifts from the heart, not from the store!

Since Emma has her Daisy Scout troop meeting tomorrow, I wanted to make something special for the girls.  Now, before I lived in Georgia, I lived in Bethlehem, PA... Home of Peeps.  We had a funny little Peep car that drove around town with a giant yellow marshmallow duck on the top.  I was devastated to find that Peeps are not popular here (say that three times fast!) because I like to skewer them and dip them in chocolate to convert them to lollipops.  I was able to find snowman Peeps so they became my unsuspecting ka-bobs!

Now, I'm frugal and Bi-Lo wanted like $2.50 for a little tiny thing of sprinkles (hey it was where I was at and I was toting four kids, so I wasn't going bargain hunting elsewhere!).  So I made my own.  One plastic baggie, four candy canes and a metal spoon.  Voila!  Peppermint sprinkles!

Hello Mr. Peepy Snowman!

Minty and chocolate..yum!

Now I didn't take apic of it, but I wrapped them up in a clear bag and tied them with festive curling ribbon and popped them into a Christmas cookie box that I found (Must have bought them last year on clearance!  Ha!  cool!)

So there you have it.  Instant pops that the kids love.  Very easy.  Just pop them on a stick.  Dip their backs in chocolate and then in crushed peppermint.
It's love on a stick.

Happy Day to you!


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