Saturday, December 24, 2011

Celebrating Solstice

Now, I thought I had a fancy idea in my head this year to celebrate winter Solstice...turns out, I've been celebrating it all along!  Well the last few years anyway, back home in Bethlehem....festival of lights?  Every year a woman from the women's shelter in town would come and sell luminary bagsas a fundraiser.  My !
neighbors and I would put them out on Dec 22 and the sidewalks would be bathed in beautiful light.  I for some reason, didn't equate it with solstice!  Ha ha!

Well, this year, since I thought I had found an earthy new way to celebrate...we did this little twist.  I put out some white luminary bags in the driveway and around the pond (pardon the pics please!)

Then we all gathered around a big old campfire and sang carols (mostly led by Emma...Sam even sang Jingle Bells!) and the kids made up scary stories, we talked about what winter Solstice is and roast marshmallows.

(hopefully Santa will bring Emmy her two front teeth this year!)

Here's a view of the house from across the pond.  It was really pretty!

Hope you enjoyed the Solstice too!



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