Friday, December 30, 2011

Packing up Christmas

Every year I say I am going to wait until after the New Year to put it all away.  But then I get to packing just "a little bit up" and soon enough, the tree is coming down, lights and garlands are being put into boxes and then the house looks empty.  Sigh.  The only sign that Santa was here anymore is the small  tree that I've decided to leave up and decorate for upcoming Valentine's Day and a few snowmen here and there.  The kids still have their trees in their room of course, and all the outside lights are up.  Today I may conquer the door garlands and lights and definitely the small Santa out back must go into hibernation.  Then its cleaning time and time to re decorate.  I only have a few items for Valentine's Day, but we'll be making more :)

I finally finished the floor in my craft room and got the threshold covers in place...thank goodness..another project off the list!  I also hung this little 3 piece placard I made that I think is just so hilarious. 

It's made of three painting canvas's that I watercolored and added some scrappy paper to.  I had these 1950's looking woman stickers like forever and I thought they were great for the project.  They speak to me!  One thing I am promising myself for the new year is to decorate my house for ME, not for what I think other people would like, but for what makes me love it.

Another of my resolutiions this year is to DRINK MORE WATER.
I'm hoping it will help in my goal for lose oh, say, 20 lbs!

Did I mention I broke my toe?  Ugh, it hurts so much.  Kicked a gate last week.  Add the "control the temper" to the New Years resolution list too, eh?  Lol.

Last night we decided to just kick back, listen to some music and just enjoy...

I'll post some pics later (hopefully) of the cleaned up New Year version of my space here in Georgia. 
But for now, we have to begin planning to celebrate the New Year with some yummy goodies, plans for a slumber party in the living room and trying to stay up until the ball drops! 

What are you planning for the New Year?

Happy days to you!


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