Saturday, December 10, 2011

kid fun stuff

Ahhh...remember when you were a kid and you made those shoebox diorama's at school? Last night the kids and I got on our crafty pants and played around. No rules, just creating and having fun!

We made salt dough ornaments....

Jacob was really getting into it!

Easy salt dough recipe: 2 cups of flour + 1 cup of salt + 1 cup warm water

I saw this on a blog post (somewhere in my travels this week!)
so I took a holiday stamp with Christmas writing and stamped it into mine before I threw them into the oven.  I'm going to use them on my christmas gifts and little tags.  Cute! 

I also saw this online this week....what a whimsical idea!  Reminds me of Cindy Lou Who!

And this...this is a secret little gift for someone....(it's ok, they don't DO blogs so it's safe to post it!)

Jacob is all about decorating this year (don't you love a 7 year old mind?)

We (tried to) make some paper houses...he already has plans to put lights inside and glue people in the windows!

And then there was a shoebox laying around....

If you have a shoebox and some leftover crafty stuff...let your kids do this!  My kids had a blast making
this and so did I!

Hope you are getting your crafty fun on this holiday season!

happy weekend!

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  1. Everything you touch becomes magical!! Love it!!!

    XO, Aimee from ItsOverflowing!

    PS I'm having my first linky party on 12/13. It will be "Christmas Scape" themed, tablescape ~ landscape or anywhere else in you home that you've added a touch of Christmas! I'd LOVE for you to link up! My blog is


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