Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I woke this morning before the kids and I am sitting here at my kitchen table in a perfectly still, quiet house.  The rain is falling heavily outside and the sky is dark and gray.  It's two days after Christmas and I'm feeling the urge to renew.  Renew myself, my spirit.  I checked into blogland this morning and found that many of my fellow bloggers are re visiting their lists from this past year.  List of their accomplishments, things they have yet to finish and thibgs they would like to do...well, here goes mine!

2011 Accomplishments:

Bought a home in Georgia, and moved out entire family 22 hours from what I always called home.
Sold our home in Pennsylvania.
Built a big old deck on the back of our home.
Had a playset installed for the kids.
Began raising chickens.
Got a dog.
Made a few new friends.
Painted the living room, dining room, master bedroom, one girls room and the craft room.
Sucessfully finished tiling my craft room floor.
Started a new job x3.
Quit a new job x2.
Started my on line classes for med transcription.
Planted a garden.
Started a compost pile.

and here's what I hope to accomplish in 2012:

Become a scout leader.
Blog for income.
Build my etsy store.
Complete my on line classes
Buy a second car.
Re paint the master bath and decorate it! 
Tile two showers.
Paint kitchen cabinets.
Build storage closet in upstairs and convert to family/guest room.
Expand the chicken coop.
Plant and maintain two square foot gardens for vegetables.
Grow an herb garden.
Plant two fruit trees on driveway.
Complete base of deck and put in flower garden beds around deck:  install base plants.
Plant tree in back yard.
Install shade rollers on back deck.
Paint hallway.
Become more involved at the kids school through PTA.
Host a kids Halloween party or Christmas party.
Have one summer picnic and one dinner party.
Make 5 new friends.
Learn how to get rid of gnats!

It's a pretty big list...but with a little help from God and my family...I'll get it done...well maybe not ALL of it!

What are you planning this year? 

Wishing you a joyful day!

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  1. You've accomplished so much in 2011, Sue! The move was a biggie! But I'll have to tell you, you'll never get rid of the gnats!


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