Saturday, December 31, 2011

Blog your Heart

Blog your Hearts flows right into New Years resolutions for me! 

*I want to work on my patience and how I speak with my children.  I need to be more encouraging, more YES and less NO NO NO.  I have to remember to ALWAYS SPEAK KINDLY TO THEM  no matter what frame of mind I am in.

*I want to improve my relationship with my husband.  We have been so involved in the day to day life of raising kids we have forgotten about OUR relationship.  We need to make time for date nights.  It seems like he is gone all day, everyday and we just don't connect anymore.  We have to have more in common than just our kids.

*I need to focus on my goal and achieve it.  I feel so scattered all the time.  Like I never accomplish anything.  I need to pick one thing and be good at it....find my niche.   I'm not saying that I neglect my hobbies, but I think this is more about crafting as a business.  I can't even begin to tell you how much I would just love to be one of those people who crafts for a living (well, maybe a part time living!)

* I need to scrapbook Madison.  As the last of our kids she is so neglected.  LOL

*Church.  Weekly.

that's it.  I think. 
Thanks Stephanie.



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  1. These are great goals for 2012! I haven't written down mine, but maybe I should. It would keep me on track!


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