Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Gem

Last night we went looking for a place called Thompson Farm here in Georgia.  Now, I'm not quite sure what town it's in, you see.  It's not well advertised and as the man there told us "they have no website, it's all word of mouth".  Well, my jaw dropped when we got there.  Far out a windy road you will drive up on this big line of arched lights....

There's no admission fee, they only ask for a canned food donation and of course, monetary donations are accepted as well.  As we exited and asked about what the place had been, one of the family told us it all "started in 1994 and it's just a bunch of Christmas lights".  He said they had about 8500 visitors since Thanksgiving!  At first I thought it was only what you could see from the initial drive...

After we passed by the main house, I was astounded to see we were turning into the woods!  There were tons of inflatables (much to Jacob's joy) and Christmas lights strung everywhere...angels and nativity scenes, Santa's and snowmen.  We turned into the woods and you could hear a train whistle passed by tons of outbuildings decorated for the season, old cars and older farm equipment scattered throughout this windy road through the woods.  A decoated steeple, a fake trains station, a was unbelievable!
My camera card was full so I got 0 pics of the wooded area...we may have to go back tonight!

Then way far back into the woods you come upon this old Western towne!  You can park in the corral and take pics...all of it is a fake front, but it's unbelievable!  The town (as the gentleman at the gate told us) grew from his love of black and white Western's

So, if you are out in my neck of the woods, take a drive down Lakeview Road and turn left onto Old River Road North until you come to Thompson Farms.  You'll be glad you did!

Happy Holidays!


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