Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rag Garlands

So, what can you do with a pile of leftover fabric scraps and say, 7 ft of cotton twine?

Make one of these!

This is a rag garland and I just adore making these!  You'll need about 100 pieces of leftover fabric scraps cut or torn into about 6 inch pieces.  I usually string my length of cotton twine between two chairs then start tying on the fabric.  You can arrange them in an order or just randomly. 

I think this one will look great wrapped around the Christmas tree, or maybe across a doorway?

The next garland I did was french inspired...muslin, dropcloth fabric and red toile...need I say more?

Lots of texture....this would look great for any season, how about dangling some
hearts from it for Valentine's Day?  Sweet!

Let me know what you think....
Both of these items are available at the Savings Sense Marketplace.

happy day!


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