Friday, May 18, 2012

A trip to Goodwill

I went looking for a bookcare for the family room, and found these instead.
Heavy wood magazine/book holder.  I will repaint this one to a more modern look :)

What a cute little chair for Madison!

Not sure if I'll repaint or not.  I love the little bear at the top :)

Vintage them.  In the Treasure Island book we found a handmade bookmarker fro a little girl named Miranda.  In the Brownie book, the little girl Kathy H. wrote her name and the date of her joining the Brownies....1968!  The back page has a library like card taped there and it's stamped with I am assuming her dad's name from the military.  Always a pleasant little surprise to find some link to the past :)

Happy thrifting to you!



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