Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Top 5

I stumbled upon Anna over at My Life and Kids one afternoon and laughed at the Finding the Funny posts until I nearly peed myself. I even contributed some of my own funny posts (mostly about Sam's poop and How my husband nearly let me die of vertigo). Today I offer to you my favorite 5 posts from this weeks "Finding the Funny" without further adeiu, here they are!

1. You show your ass, I'll show mineI
(because I'd do this to my kids)
2. Exploding Pants and my Bagel Belly
(It really does look like a bagel!)
3. My neighbors might be cannibals
(I swore my neighbor had bodies in his basement, and Polish prostitutes in his attic)
4. Suggestions for men
(because they need all the suggestions they can get!)
5. Mrs. Ventura when nature calls
(because I can just visualize him doing it)

Please visit Anna and Kelly over at Finding the Funny every Wednesday. Share your own bad parenting moments, oddities and hellacious neighbor stories. To see the total list of this weeks Finding the Funny, click here!

Thank you Anna and Kelly for keeping it real!




  1. I TOLD you all it looked like a bagel. Yum.
    Thanks for finding the funny in my flabby tummy!

  2. Thanks Sue! Happy to be one of your favorites :) I still think there might be a body in their basement. Eek!


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