Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer Kids Series: Free For All Week!

Welcome to Day 2 of our Summer Kid Series!  This morning we awoke to sunny skies (hooray!).   We did our morning calender on the kitchen blackboard...discussing the weather, the date and shapes.  Emma decided to do an impromptu lesson on!

We are also starting to learn a new prayer about being kind and good. 

It goes like this:

Help me to be kind and good,
To always do the things I should:
Give me wisdom from above,
To share with others God's great love.

from Praise and Worship by Angela and Ken Abraham.


Our project today was ROBOTS!

For this you will need:

tp rolls
a hole punch
glue dots

After doing this project, it is definitely easier for a 6-7 year old range!

To make the robot body, roll aluminum foil around the tp roll and tuck in the ends.
We then used glue dots and eyes and beads to make our faces.

We made arms by punching two holes as far down as we could on both sides of the tube.  We threaded pipecleaners through and added beads for decoration.  Just skip the end bead and weave your pipecleaner back through to secure the beads.

We punched six holes in the top and criss-crossed pipecleaners through the holes.
A little twist around a pencil and we had curls!

Hope you enjoyed today's project!

We will be making lemon freeze pops later...I will share the recipe tomorrow!

have a wonderful day!


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