Thursday, February 2, 2012

Valentine Mantel

i changed out my mantel last week to spread some Valentine love around. 
The bunting is handmade by me and the letters are from leftover fabric  scraps.
Easy, peasy!

I've had this metal envelope for a long time. I filled it up with doilies and love notes and little Valentine-y things
to doll it up.  It's leaning on a chalkboard cookie sheet.  You can leave a little love note on it if you want!

Remember that white frame I had for Christmas?  Well, here it is all dressed up for Valentine's.  I had some leftover
scrapbook paper and I cut a heart out of some printed christmas paper (polka it!)
A few mor elittle trinkets completed it and I just set it in the frame.  Foam hearts got glued onto plain candle cups.

An easy mantle, but just enough to pass on the {{love}}.



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