Thursday, February 2, 2012

More 101 uses for leftover wood...

I diligently cut the pieces a few days ago with my mitre saw and asked my husband to put it together.  Well, I had to kick him in the pants the other day, because the pile of wood was still laying in the yard (just like the chair railing I painted, procrastinator!).

A few nails and my big old heavy table for the deck was done!  I had to add some aqua paint to the top because it just screamed for something?? 

Do you love the color?  I do!

I topped it off with some viola's, a few candles and some newly planted lettuce and cilantro...

I just adore it.  It's super heavy and just needs a coat of waterseal and it will be ready for the summer!

And since I was painting things and have recently decided that I am going to decorate my house for ME
and not worry about other's...I painted these big old stars on my picnic table. 
Not really sure I like it, but again, it can be repainted.  I think I just do't like the orange seats.  It's more of a washed look.  I think it needs some big old letters stenciled on the seats that say...sit here.  lol!

ah, it's just paint!


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