Thursday, February 23, 2012

she's alive!

Lol!  I have chicken reincarnation!  So yesterday morning, Laverne and Shirley come strolling out of the woods!  Seems Laverne just went on a jaunt through the forest and never really did get eaten by the dog!  So the five musketeers are together again!

Bought my Anna apple tree yesterday..will be digging the hole to put that in today.  I also dug out about 6 more feet of garden space.  I am using the pulled up sod to cover some concrete we have in our back yard that I am SO NOT digging up.  Hoping to just re-seed right over the top!  I may need to dig up one more garden bed, or just elongate the main bed.  I think {ummm} I can fit all I want to plant.  I also put a small wire fene around what will be the herb garden.  About two more weeks and I will be planting my seeds for the summer garden.  This is my first time starting everything from's a labor of love!  Yesterday I uncovered the smaller garden and was happy to see everything I re-seeded from the frost kill is starting to sprout!  Hooray!

I never did get my table painted yesterday and today has brought the stomach bug to my house {via Emma} so I don't know how much I will get done....



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  1. Hooray! so glad about the chicken. I read your post the other day and was a bit sad about the poor thing.


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