Friday, January 27, 2012

New plantings...

Nature has other plans for me today besides planting up my garden.  You see, today dawned with a cloudy, gray sky and the sound of splattering raindrops on my deck.

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon getting a few more of my larger plant in.

I found a Golden Lowe's for $12.98!  Hooray!  It's more of a shrub variety, I had thought it was more of a tree.  This one says it gets to about 12-15 ft in height.  I planted it about 12 feet off the one corner of our deck. Ir gets the most beatiful yellow flower on it.   I'm hoping it will provide some shade, but really it's for ornamentation.  It's hard to plant these bigger bushes without having all the hardscape in, but we'll make do.

Another bright addition to the deck flower beds...

I love the purple color of these.  Brightens up my {currently} boring beds!

I also added two more Knockout Rose bushes in Radrazz around the ugly telephone pole and wire.  I'm hoping these guys get pretty big to deter from the GIANT pole in the middle of my yard!

Although all my plantings are small now and not much to look at, I think it's important to document what I've planted where and I always save the labels so I recall the names!  I can't wait until next year when I photograph it again and can see the growth and how everything has filled in.

My plan was to get my seeds into the ground today.  Yesterday evening while taking in the wonderful smell of burning pine,  I marked off my square foot garden..

64 blocks of planting space.  I'm hoping this whole square foot thing works out for me.
I do think I should have gone with a 4x8 bed so I'd be able to reach the middle though.
Again, we'll make do!

This bed is getting:

Sugar Snap Peas
Snow Peas
Redina Lettuce

Wish me luck!


ummmm...I think I see some blue sky out there!



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