Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Love pic

I repurposed an older pic and frame to make this new pic for our bedroom.

I stamped the mat with my new french script stamp that I used my "hubby's" gift card from Hobby Lobby to purchase (thanks honey!).  I painted the light wood frame with black chalkboard paint and then sanded it to distress it.  I love how chalkboard paint looks!

Next I took a plain old canvas board, painted it with gesso, and pressed the pieces in to hold them instead of using glue.  Worked like a charm!  The heart is canvas, stitched around the edges.  I used plain chipboard, unembellished for the bodies and these cute Tim Holtz hangers in place of faces (so cute!).  Of course, the people couldn't be naked so I added some was like paper dolls! 

It's hanging next to my side of the bed...nice addition!



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  1. that looks great! it's so sweet and the perfect little "love" addition.


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