Sunday, January 15, 2012

More bedroom work...

The vision is my head and it's starting to form in the master bedroom.  I am so loving the blue and black color combo and really wanted a b/w comforter with a small print to match the lampshades.

I found this quilted bedspread at TJ MAXX.  It is the perfect print...just what I was looking for but the shams are for a regular sized pillow and I have big old pillows so they will need to become more of an accent pillow.  Also, it's not the most smooshy snuggly bedspread, so I am thinking I need a down comforter maybe with a chenille duvet cover to put under it.  It would make the bed fluffier looking and be a little cozier.
I also need to find matching shams for the other pillows.  All in due time....

I love this print. 

I also changed the curtains out to plain black.  My plan is to embellish the edges with either a toile fabric or maybe a ribbon...not sure..searching for the perfect accent for them since they are super plain.  I like the look though...

I still have to find something for above the bed...and art above the wall.  That little corner on the right up there needs a sophisticated but comfy reading chair.  Footboard needs a long bench maybe?
And I will be searching for a narrow black armoir of some sort for the larger wall (the one I didn't take a pic of)

So whatcha think?  Coming along from the boring white that it was! 


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