Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Earlier this week, I went to visit a local garden shoppe here in Statesboro....The Mad Potter.  When I pulled up to the store, I got a sense of cottage gardens, haphazard plantings, lots of statues and hidden garden treats.  A little Dachsund named Flower greeted Sam, Madi and I and we headed over to browse the plants and garden items.  Much to my absolute JOY...inside was a store filled with vintage dressers, cupboards, tables, glassware and the like.  Score!  And then I spied this big old ornate picture frame with a chalkboard insert...checked the price (was good) and I could see it above my bedroom dresser.  I've been searching for a big old frame for there and who would have thought I would find it at a garden store? 

I love the details in the frame.  It's actually hung up on the wall now, i had to replace the wire in the back and mount heavy screws onto the wall to hold it.  I'm thinking the dresser might need to be a shade more antique white.  I have a vision for this room....those curtains are going to be changed out to black and creme toile and I'm on a hunt for either a b/c toile duvet cover or something black and white embroidered for the bed.  The bed frame is also going to be changed out to white and distressed   The room needs a few more pieces..but all in due time.  Just glad I found this lovely frame.  I might eventually put a mirror back in it, but for now I like the chalkboard look...have to find some witty saying to put on there!



  1. Very pretty, Sue, and what a great size! Love the frame!

  2. Oh - I am drooling!
    have a frame...might try to rip this simple idea off!


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