Wednesday, March 7, 2012

GSU Botanical Gardens

Yesterday we visited the GSU Botanical Gardens here in Statesboro.  Umm, can I just say I'd like this to be my backyard?  It was so pretty, lots of older structures, quirky garden decor and sculptures created from farm equipment.  Beautiful brick walkways and winding paths through secret little it!

We actually went to participate in the Childrens' Garden.  The farmer was there and taught the kids how to fertilize the soil and they all had a chance to dig in.  Even so much as sticking their hands right into the chicken manure...smelly, but fun!

The children planted lettuce and broccoli.  Each week they go back and tend to the garden...weeding, and just observing how things are going.

Sam found this outbuilding interested.  It's actually stables inside, but they aren't occupied. 

I just love this old bench sitting on the corner of that fenceline...

Farmer Pickle himself.  He enjoyed flinging dirt around.

These trees were a beautiful lavender color.  I asked on of the caretakers and he said they are Redbuds.
I thought that was funny since they are purple.

I really enjoyed the garden.  I'm planning on heading back over there maybe this week or next to walk through the whole garden.  It gave me lots of inspiration for my own garden.  They use alot of natural items, like broken tree limbs to border their garden beds.  It is beautiful.


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