Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Goodwill Match!

So on my weekly trip to the GoodWill store here in Statesboro I happened upon these....

....let's just say I got pretty excited!  I had already found bedside tables for our bedroom, but when I saw these I instantly knew I had to have them.  Why you say....

...because of this! Remember this dresser?  It's a Bassett dresser that I found a few months ago at the SAME Goodwill store!  See the tops?  They are really curvy and the feet are the same too!  I don't see the Bassett mark on the bedside tables, but who cares??  They match perfectly.  I just need to sand them down, paint them and I'll be set. 

The drawer handles are identical to the dresser, but there's some more ornate medallions on the bedside tables. 

Two of the medallions are chipped off in places, but I'm ok with that.

I'll post pics of the makeover once I'm through!

Gotta love a match!



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