Monday, June 11, 2012


Hi All!

Well, last weeks Summer Kids activities went a little haywire, but I'm back this week to share some fun ideas to keep your kids occupied for the summer and have a great time!

I purchased some small pre made birdhouses at Walmart for $2.77 each and st up a container of paintbrushes and leftover paints on styrofoam trays.

The kids each got a birdhouse to paint...

The key to this project is to not PANIC about the paint!
Lol, now I'm  a little bit of a clean freak, but my old standby is
a good old vinyl tablecloth.  With four kids at home, I need something cheap that I can
change out if it's destroyed.  I change them from season to season, holiday to holiday, you name it.

Madison went with the "orange flame" look.
I swore that the birdhouses were all going to end up a
muddy brown color!

We'll call Sam's creation a "key lime" color!


Jacob went with a multitude of colors,

and Emmy went with a "rainbow" roof look.
All beautiful!
Here they all are, drying on the countertop.
All we have to do is drill some small holes in the top to add string to hang.
Emma wants to hang them all in one tree!

This was an inexpensive, eco friendly project that
kept the kids occupied and the birdies happy!

Happy Crafting!


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  1. Sue, it's so wonderful to see your children gathered around your table totally engrossed in painting their birdhouses. They are so cute (the children and the birdhouses!)


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